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a dual show by Deb Leal + Syra McCarthy

Polaroid Originals - Model: Jun Lee

Polaroid Originals - Model: Jun Lee

 “Corners” is a dual show by artists Deb Leal & Syra McCarthy debuting a photographic body of work featuring women living and working in the Bay Area. This work will discuss the archetypes of feminine energy in relation to the elements that allows us all to thrive; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Powerful entities all on their own, yet when connected— magic takes place.

In an effort to give back to the women in our community, we have partnered with Crystal Millán of VisibiliT: a fundraising event for the Accompaniment Team; a volunteer-based group that works directly with trans asylum seekers here in the Bay Area. As artists and WOC who use a wide array of expression, this show will not only feature the body of work produced in collaboration for this show, but will also showcase other fine art mediums in an effort to bring together a wide variety of community members in order to help those highest at risk of violence.

In order to raise money for VisibiliT, an optional sliding-scale cover will be offered at the door— of which 100% will go directly to the non-profit. A Raffle will be taking place throughout the night, which will provide guests a chance to win a plethora of exciting prizes. 100% of ticket sales will go directly to VisibiliT as well.

A drink menu will be provided by Ford’s Gin with special musical guests.

opening date coming soon