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Cantiq LA By Dogwood

Stylist | Laura Reilly || Model | Kylie Bryce || Lingerie by CantiqLA


Ambush Predator

ambush (v.) c.1300, from Old French embuscher (13c., Modern French embûcher) “to lay an ambush,” from en- “in” + busch “wood,” apparently from Frankish *busk “bush, woods” (see bush (n.)). Related: Ambushed; ambushing.

Tigers are ambush predators, it is said.

“if you have singular luck to see tiger
once, she sees you one hundred times before.”

In their hunt, tigers employ stealth
coupled with the element of surprise.

The tiger is an ambush predator.

She prowls behind you. From cover
of the bush, she watches, and
later, strikes.


What does the tiger know of her skin?
I wonder, for example, does she know
the emblems of her flesh manifest on the hair?

What does a man know of his own scalp?


The hair follicle of a polar bear is hollow,
translucent. When light comes in, it scatters.
The bear appears “white” to a naked eye.

The polar bear has a black tongue.
Beneath the effulgent fur, a black skin.
Does he think this odd about himself?

Like the tiger, a polar bear hunts by stealth.
Survival depends wholly on its ability to disappear.


I look at a photo of a woman,
or rather, it is not a photo
of a woman, but of a torso.

At torso’s vortex, instead of hair down
there she wears a triangle of ink — an eye
without brow winks beneath the lash-less lid.

She bears no haywire ringlet, nor velvet fringe-
but geometric magic; a tiled mosaic, an Alhambra relic,
a blue arrowhead spun to the crest of double lips.

Down There she is smooth as a cat’s tongue,
and black like the tongue of a polar bear.

She has become like the tiger.
Beneath her stripes are stripes.

Cut the fur from flesh,
yet flesh remembers.


The accompanying poem was written by Ali Abraham and is the first to debut from a series that has been in the works for over a year and a half. The collection will be available as an online zine downloadable by PDF later in 2015. Print versions will be available at several locations around Seattle and a limited release will be available for purchase.