Photographer + Art Director
 © Deb Leal

Abre Camino

35 mm

35 mm Photographs taken on a road trip from San Francisco, CA to Cisco, UT. Cisco, built in the 1880s, became a ghost town due to the construction of a freeway that inevitably cut off resources for those living in the area. Eileen Muza saw the beauty in the history of those whom lived in this community and sought to restore it by rebuilding the abandoned homes for an Artist Residency Program-- With the proper financial help, new housing accommodations, artist-studio workspaces, showers with running water, and other endless possibilities can become a reality. Financial donations will greatly aid this endeavor, as well as the skills needed to get the job done. Visit to make a donation or arrange a time to help build all the structures necessary to make Eileen’s extraordinary vision come true.